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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capsule wardrobe and should you have one?

First things first: Your capsule wardrobe should consist of only clothing you like and that you like on your body, and should generally coordinate enough in color and style that you can mix and match frequently. Your capsule wardrobe should have between 25 and 50 pieces, which includes clothing, shoes and accessories.

What is Vacay capsule wardrobe?

Vacay offers themed capsule wardrobe collections, each of which are designed to mix and match to create 15 outfits. Each capsule includes five pieces but you have the choice of either buying a single item, the entire set, or…

How long does a capsule last?

Each “capsule” should last for three months. Focus on putting together seasonal capsules until you get the hang of it. Outerwear and swimwear count as part of your capsule. Underwear, loungewear and workout wear do not. The exception is these pieces must serve only their proper function.

What is Vetta capsule?

Vetta Capsule, as the name indicates, is a brand that curates capsule wardrobe collections. They have a ready to buy capsule wardrobe, or you can purchase individual pieces. Each capsule contains just five pieces that create 30 outfits. Talk about versatility!

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