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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between shelf clips and shelf supports?

The clips lock the back of the shelving into place, while metal shelf supports (sold separately) hold the front of the shelf. For safe support, use 1-shelf clip every 12 in. and 1 at each end of the shelf.

How much do wire shelf clips cost?

Wire Shelving Shelf Lock Clips for 1" Diameter Post- Shelving Sleeves, 54-Pack Wire Shelf Clips, Fits with Metro, Thunder Group, Alera, Honey Can Do, Eagle, Regency, Winco,Advanced Tabco,and More. by JustFast. $6.99$6.99. FREE Shipping on eligible orders.

What are shelf brackets?

Whether you're hanging a delicate kitchen display shelf or heavy-duty utility shelves in the garage, shelf brackets are the hardware you need to mount them to your wall securely. Floating shelf hardware includes brackets that mount to the wall and then invisibly hold the shelf in place.

What kind of support do you use for L-shaped shelves?

Knape and Vogt L-Shape Shelf Support with 1/4in. Pin - EACH (Anochrome) Knape and Vogt L-Shape Shelf Support with 1/4in.

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