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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the cliffs symbolize in Dover Beach?

The Sea as Metaphor & Symbol in Dover Beach. Just as Arnold's "calm sea" glimpsed beyond the fringe of Dover Beach between the cliffs of England and the French coast is a sea stirred by waves, the Sea of Faith was also once a nourishing and full body capable of supporting human hope (Schow, 1998).

What makes the White Cliffs of Dover White?

The White Cliffs of Dover are cliffs which form part of the British coastline facing the Strait of Dover and France. The cliffs are part of the North Downs formation. The cliff face, which reaches up to 107 metres (351 ft), owes its striking façade to its composition of chalk (pure white calcium carbonate) accentuated by streaks of black flint.

How far is white cliffs of Dover from London?

The driving distance from London to White Cliffs of Dover is 80 miles. Your Travel Starts at London, United Kingdom. It Ends at White Cliffs of Dover, Saint Margaret's At Cliffe, Dover District, United Kingdom.

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