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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is daffodil not on Clifford the Big Red Dog?

The most likely reason as to why she doesn't appear in the 2000 series is because nobody had thought of Daffodil or any other characters from Clifford's Puppy Days in general, since Puppy Days came after the original series ended.

When is Clifford the Big Red Dog coming out?

The streaming platform seems like the obvious place for family content. But this movie is from Paramount Pictures, and you know what that means. Clifford the Big Red Dog will be streaming on Paramount+ on Nov. 10, 2021. The movie will also be released in theaters on the same day.

What is Clifford the Big Red dogs owners name?

The character's name is based on the imaginary childhood friend of Norman Bridwell's wife, Norma Bridwell. Bridwell originally wanted to name the dog "Tiny", but his wife persuaded him that "Clifford" was better. Clifford's pet owner is Emily Elizabeth. Clifford has a mother, two brothers, and two sisters, all of whom are normal-sized dogs.

What happened to daffodil in Clifford the Big Red Dog?

Trivia Since Clifford's Puppy Days was released after the 2000 series, is unknown what happened to Daffodil after the Howard family moved to Birdwell Island. Many speculate that she died or just wasn't there.

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