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Frequently Asked Questions

Who won the 2021 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational?

The 2021 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational wrapped up on Saturday night as Nebraska scored 125 points to win the team title. Ohio State finished second with 104 points, while Michigan took home the third spot with 94.5 points. Both the Huskers and the Buckeyes had three finalists and an individual champion.

Who is Cliff Keen?

Push themselves past their limits every day and make endless sacrifices. Legendary wrestling coach Cliff Keen brought his wisdom to the table when he started the company in 1958. For sixty years now we've been proving, improving and perfecting. We understand the dedication, hard work and passion wrestlers bring every day.

Why do officials wear Cliff Keen?

As the “third team” on the field, court, mat, or wherever there is competition, officials deserve the best. That is why major high school, collegiate, and professional associations look to Cliff Keen as their leading manufacturer for officials wear. Because we know how important your game is to you. And how important you are to the game.

How did Ryan Deakin win the cklv title?

The night's action kicked off with 157 pounds, where Northwestern’s three-time NCAA All-American Ryan Deakin knocked off Princeton’s Quincy Monday, 8-3. Monday scored in the third period and made it a one-point match, but a strong second-period ride and a late third-period takedown secured the CKLV title for Deakin.

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