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Frequently Asked Questions

Is clever free?

First of all, Clever Real Estate is not free, their fees are simply hidden within a referral fee that the agent will pay after the transaction. More importantly, price-fixing is an uncompetitive practice, and every agent who participates with Clever Real Estate is a participant in the scheme.

What is a clever portal?

Clever Portal. The Clever Portal is used by students and teachers -- in school, at home, or on the go -- to easily access personalized learning applications like Ck-12 Foundation, I-Ready, Khan Academy, Learning A-Z, Springboard, and others.

What is a clever school?

Clever gives schools control over what student data is shared with software developers, so that only products approved by the school gain access to sensitive data. Similar to the example above, by using Clever school leaders do not have to make individual updates when students change classes.

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