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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clemson a good school?

Overall Clemson University is a great school! People both care a lot about academics and social life and there is definitely a good balance of both. From the football, to the campus, to the academics, and the overall experience, Clemson is definitely a great choice.

Is Clemson an elite program?

Saban says Clemson is an elite program. TAMPA, Fla. — It may have taken others a little longer to notice what Dabo Swinney has done in building an elite program, but Alabama head coach Nick Saban isn’t surprised.

Does Clemson admit by Major?

<p>Clemson definitely admits by major. They don't want to be put in a situation where they have too many students and not enough resources in a particular major (and I'm sure you wouldn't want to be that student too fighting for classes etc...).

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