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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I honor my 2022 Grad?

Parents – honor your 2022 grad with a custom graduation announcement full of senior photos, custom style and details about how you plan to celebrate and what the future holds for them. First, let’s talk photos.

How do I create a graduation announcement?

If you want to create a simple but unique announcement, choose a design that features just one photo, or a card that has no photo at all. These more traditional and formal designs feature great elements like graduation caps, gold foil details and more. Perhaps your grad wants a graduation announcement that’s a little more fun?

How far in advance should you send graduation announcements?

If your graduation announcements are doubling as 2022 grad party invitations, we suggest sending them at least 3 – 4 weeks in advance (no less than two weeks in advance). If you’re sending announcements without an invitation, you can send them anywhere from two weeks before graduation to four weeks after.

Can I use my Grad announcement as a party invitation?

If you’d like, your grad announcement can double as your party invitation too – all our cards are double sided and packed with space for your personalized party or open house details. Each announcement is custom printed with your very own personalized wording, colors, fonts and more!

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