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Frequently Asked Questions

What are hazard class 9 placards?

Hazard class 9 placards help you take the necessary precautions when transporting Dangerous Goods that present a hazard not covered by other classes. Choose Labelmaster's Hazard Class 9 Placards.

What are the additional placarding exceptions for Class 1 materials?

(f) Additional placarding exceptions. (1) When more than one division placard is required for Class 1 materials on a transport vehicle, rail car, freight container or unit load device, only the placard representing the lowest division number must be displayed. (2) A FLAMMABLE placard may be used in place of a COMBUSTIBLE placard on -

What is not found in the definition of Class 9 miscellaneous?

A fourth method not found in the definition of class 9 Miscellaneous are those hazardous materials in class 9 based on their classification in the hazardous materials table. 1. Limits of Class 9 Miscellaneous: A class 9 Miscellaneous presents a hazard during transportation. But… Does not meet the definition of any other hazard class.

What is the proper way to label a class 9 package?

Nonbulk packagings of Class 9 materials must be marked with the proper shipping name and the identification number of the material and labeled. May You Use a Class 9 Placard?

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