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Frequently Asked Questions

What is clairclair?

Clair lets you give workers on-demand pay, right through your existing WFM or payroll system. Now you can boost retention and engagement, without giving HR more work. We chose Clair as our on-demand pay partner because their culture of integrity reflected our own.

What does Clair mean?

Clair as a girls' name (also used as boys' name Clair) is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Clair is "bright, famous". Clair is a version of Claire (Latin): French respelling of Clara. Variations. (female) Calair, ..

Why choose Clair Global?

We are best known for cutting-edge integrated technology, but fundamentally, we are contractors who understand the ins and outs of the construction world. Clair Global’s Integration division is laser-focused on engaging in projects that inspire our incredible team of experts.

Who is the girl in the song Clair?

The real Clair was the young daughter of O'Sullivan's producer-manager, Gordon Mills, and his wife, the model Jo Waring. The little girl's giggling is heard at the end of this song. The "Uncle Ray" mentioned in the song is O'Sullivan himself, a reference to his real name of Raymond O'Sullivan.

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