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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of Stage 3B kidney failure?

‌A survey of 13 studies on stage 3 kidney disease found that the all-cause mortality rate varied from 6% in 3 years to 51% in ten years. However, it also found that progression of kidney damage into stage 4 kidney disease was sporadic.

Does CKD always progress?

Chronic kidney disease usually progresses slowly. Blood and urine tests can help doctors to decide whether the kidneys are still working well enough or whether dialysis will be needed soon, for example. Blood and urine tests are useful for more than just diagnosing chronic kidney disease.

How long can you stay in Stage 3 kidney disease?

There is no way to cure or reverse chronic kidney disease at stage 3, but you can keep it from progressing to stages 4 and 5. You can prevent the progress of the disease by working with a specialist doctor and your primary care doctor who guide you in the right direction.

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