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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect on Miami City Sightseeing tours?

On Miami city sightseeing tours, expect included transportation from your desired pickup and drop-off location, as well as plenty of perks including food and drinks, admission tickets to major attractions such as tk, and more! Wondering what to do while in Key West ?

What is our city tour Miami plus?

Our City Tour Miami PLUS is a mix of Culture, History and Fun that makes visitors to enjoy a whole day of full entertainment… 27. Private Plane Tour Over Miami - 50 min of Magical Views! The best and most complete airplane scenic tour over Miami! You will fly over Miami Beach shoreline, Key Biscayne, Downtown…

Are Miami bus tours worth your time?

Miami Bus Tours: An Ideal Journey Setter. The double decker tours in Miami have been particularly designed to show vacationers the impressive attractions that the city is home to. If you have always dreamt of a comfortable journey then this tour seems to be a great choice. It promises to give you a comprehensive view of the city.

What are the best ways to spend a trip to Miami?

Combine with Other Activities: One of the best ways to enjoy a trip to Miami is to combine an open top Double Decker tour with other activities. For instance, you can take a tour in the morning and spend your evening at the beaches, taking a boat ride to watch the sunset from the sea, visiting the Everglades, or one of the museums or art houses.

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