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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Washington DC with a Segway?

Sites by Segway Tour In Washington DC This Segway tour is an overview of the National Mall and covers the Capitol Building, the south side of the White House, … 2. Washington DC "See the City" Guided Sightseeing Segway Tour Experience Washington DC on a 2-Hour Guided Sightseeing Segway Tour through the nation's capital and experience all of the…

What is a capital Segway tour?

Capital Segway offers the only Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) Authorized tour of Washington, DC. Sightseeing on our guided Segway® PT Tours French & German tours available on request! It is a unique and fun way to get to know the nation’s capital.

Where is the capital Segway parking lot?

We are conveniently located between H & Eye Street at 818 Connecticut NW around the corner from the Farragut West Metro, half a block from the White House. The 818 Conn Ave Garage is directly next to Capital Segway. Get Directions What People Are Saying

How fast can I go on a Segway PT tour?

Capital Segway is the only Segway PT tour using state-of-the-art Vox© radio headsets. Segway PTs have a top speed of 12.5 mph. We DO NOT limit your speed. Other “unauthorized” Segway PT tour companies use the “black key” or use the “turtle” mode, limiting your speed up to 6 mph.

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