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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you enter the circus in Genshin Impact?

The circus is run by Balthazar Beauregard and allows players to participate in the circus by performing various activities, once a week. To enter the circus, players have to get a Circus ticket from a Ticket vendor. To exit, they just have to tear the ticket, teleport, or log out.

What do the costume pieces do in the circus?

The costume pieces have no use outside the circus (other than to demonstrate your circus abilities to the world). Inside the circus, however, they are believed to improve your chance of a high score and hence an even better costume.

Where can I find the Big Top Bonanza Circus?

The Big Top Bonanza circus can be found in one of twelve cities, and this changes every week. Every Wednesday at 0:00 GMT, the circus will move to another city. The circus is currently in: Days until next: 2 (wrong?) Using the World map, the location of the circus can easily be spotted. It is marked with the "Distractions/Diversions" icon ( ).

How do you enter the circus in Animal Crossing?

To enter the circus, players have to travel to the town mentioned and find the Ticket vendor.

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