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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a carnival midway at Circus Reno?

EXPERIENCE THE REINVENTED AND TRANSFORMED CARNIVAL MIDWAY AT CIRCUS CIRCUS RENO! Prepare for our signature Reno family entertainment. Fun for adults and kids alike, our Carnival Midway has been reimagined and remodeled.

Where iscircus Reno located?

Circus Circus Reno Hotel & Casino is your destination for fun and entertainment. The hotel, located in the heart of Downtown Reno, is a short walk to the Reno Events Center and the ideal starting spot for those who want to experience the Biggest Little City.… What time does arcade closed?

What is the Midway at the circus?

The midway surrounds the circus stage which showcases free world class circus acts daily starting at 1:30 PM. Extended hours during holidays and summer vacations.

Is there a Circus Circus in Las Vegas?

Circus Circus is bringing Family Fun back to Las Vegas. Classic arcade games, state-of-the-art video games, and prizes, prizes, prizes! Step right up at Circus Circus' famous Carnival Midway, designed for kids and adults of all ages!

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