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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cigna good health insurance?

Cigna is a global health insurance company that works to accommodate the individual and his/her specific needs. Cigna offers a wide range of healthcare plans, including but not limited to medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health. It provides quality service to various cases and ensures plans tailored to fit specific cases.

Should you get life insurance from CIGNA?

To give you a short answer, Cigna is not your best bet when it comes to life insurance because they are amazing at health insurance but you can do better with other big players that specialize in life insurance. Either way, let's take a look at Cigna below to see what they offer.

Does Cigna offer individual health insurance?

Cigna offers medical insurance plans for individuals, families, employees and businesses, according to the company's official website. Cigna also offers dental and pharmacy plans. The company is available in several areas throughout the world and offers insurance options to groups...

Is Cigna a PPO?

For Arizona/Louisiana residents the dental PPO plan is known as CG Dental PPO. In Texas, CIGNA Dental's network-based indemnity plan is known as CIGNA Dental Choice. The CIGNA Traditional plan is underwritten or administered by Connecticut General Life Insurance Company.

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