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Frequently Asked Questions

What are religious & spiritual Diamond painting kits?

Here is what you need: Religious & Spiritual Diamond Painting Kits are not only relaxing and keep your brain healthy but also great gifts that make others smile. Now let’s turn on music and enjoy with Religious & Spiritual Diamond Painting Kits!

What is included in the all diamond painting™ kit?

The ALL Diamond Painting™ kit includes: 1 1 Premium printed canvas 2 Small sachets of numbered diamonds 3 1 Tray for diamonds 4 1 Tweezer 5 1 Diamond painting pen 6 1 Multi-diamond applicator 7 1 Pot of wax More ...

What are diamonddiamond paintings?

Diamond paintings are the paintings that are made with the help of precious small cut diamonds that are glued to a canvas according to the painting that you wish to make. Not only these paintings are super easy to do because of the user friendly kits, but these paintings are also unique enough to display them once they are done!

What are the benefits of diamond painting?

Diamond Painting has incredible benefits to the mind, especially for young adults. · Takes away all your stress. · Increases hand eye coordination. · Sparks the creative gene. · Relaxes your mind. · Passes time. · Gives you a relief from the external world.

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