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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have chops?

Chops is slang for the jaws or mouth. Trumpet players need to have strong jaws if they want to become better players, so people used to say that you couldn’t become a great trumpet player if you didn’t have the chops for it. Later the expression came to mean the ability to play any instrument, not just the trumpet.

What exactly are drum chops?

Drum chops describe a drummer's technical ability to play the drums. A player that has great chops has a lot of freedom over how they express themselves. They can play very fast, very precisely and with great variety. To achieve this, they have developed a mastery of drum technique and vocabulary.

What is the slang term for Chop?

It is the 17th century sailor's slang use of 'chop' to mean 'quick' which led to chop-sticks. The nimbleness of the Chinese in their eating without the aid of forks caused the seamen to coin the term 'quick-sticks' or chop-sticks'.

What does my chop mean?

Chop means to cut with one stroke of an ax or several quick strokes with a knife. An example of chop is dicing garlic with a kitchen knife. To make heavy, cutting strokes. To move roughly or suddenly. A piece that has been chopped off, especially a cut of meat, usually taken from the rib, shoulder, or loin and containing a bone.

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