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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of Chithi?

Chithi (transl. Aunty, or stepmother) is an Indian Tamil prime time soap opera that ran on Sun TV. The show premiered on 20 December 1999 and ended on 1 November 2001. It aired Monday through Friday at 9:30pm.

What is the meaning of the Tamil word 'Chitthi'?

The word Chitthi or Chithi is not found in Tamil literature. It is a colloquial word widely used in Tamilnadu to call mother’s younger sister or paternal uncle’s wife. The word refers to younger mother. Chiriya means small Chiriyavar means younger person.

What is chatchithi messenger?

Chithi Messenger gives you a free Platform to communicate with your contact via message, voice call, video call, image ,video recording, audio recording. Loading…

What is the release date of Chithi 2?

A reboot version of the series titled Chithi 2 premiered from January 27, 2020 on Sun TV starring Raadhika Sarathkumar and Preethi Sharma. Chithi is a serial based on women empowerment and the challenges faced by women in India.

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