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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common Chinese idioms?

One of them is Chingyu or Chinese idioms. Here, you can find the 19 most common and useful Chinese idioms. Translation: to walk half the road and give up. This expression is used in situations when you start doing something but for some reason, you give it up half away.

What does the Chinese idiom “自食其果 mean?

This Chinese idiom can be used on its own and is similar to how we use the phrase “You reap what you sow” in English. Whenever you say or hear about someone suffering the negative consequences of their own doing, “自食其果” is an appropriate phrase to describe the situation.

What does it mean to eat tofu and soft rice in Chinese?

To eat tofu (吃豆腐, chī dòufu) is commonly said amongst friends to imply flirting, or worse, unwanted touching or groping, which could be used in a crowded subway situation. To “eat soft rice” (吃软饭, chī ruǎn fàn) denotes a man who stays home living high off his sugar mama.

What does it mean to eat tight in Chinese?

吃緊 chi jin: “eating tight” – jin can also mean hard up, tense, taut. So the phrase means either to be short of money or (when speaking of something to be dealt with) to be important (and thus a cause of stress).

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