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Frequently Asked Questions

What is figurative art?

A general category for artworks that represent recognizable material in the visible world, as opposed to abstract art. The variety of approaches to figurative art is enormous and almost as diverse as the history of art itself.

Who is the best figurative artist of all time?

Figurative art. Picasso after about 1920 is the great exemplar of modern figurative painting, and Alberto Giacometti from about 1940 is the great figurative sculptor. After the Second World War figuration can be tracked through the work of Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and the other artists of the School of London, and through pop art,...

What is the difference between abstraction and figuration?

Abstraction and figuration are not as opposed as they might seem. The idea of abstract art was present to some degree throughout the art of the late nineteenth century, from Post-Impressionism to Symbolism.

What is the difference between modern figurative art and modern realism?

Figurative art. Modern figurative art can be seen as distinct from modern realism in that figurative art uses modern idioms, while modern realists work in styles predating post-impressionism (more or less). In fact, modern figurative art is more or less identical with the general current of expressionism that can be traced through...

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