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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work at children's Mercy?

Children's Mercy hires individuals based on their job skills, expertise and ability to maintain professional relationships with fellow employees, patients, parents and visitors.

What is it like to work at mermercy?

Mercy is different from other health care systems because a typical day starts with prayer and is filled with enriching work. They really do put their co-workers first. My favorite part of working in my department is being inspired daily by serving strong women."

What kind of jobs does children's do?

Children's is hiring nurses, social workers, healthcare technicians, food service employees and pediatric medicine providers, as well as individuals to support corporate, office, and service functions.

Why children's Mercy Cancer Center?

With the Children’s Mercy Cancer Center team on her side and a determined spirit, her cancer is now in remission and her future is bright. Children's Mercy is conducting research focused on a deeper understanding of what can be done to prevent and treat COVID-19 in children. Get Ready. Get Set. DREAM BIG!

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