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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered child abandonment in the state of Tennessee?

Tennessee law defines abandonment as a parent's deliberate failure to visit or provide financial support for his child for a period of four successive months. Even if such grounds are proven, the court must still determine whether termination of parental rights is in the best interest of the child, notes the Law Office of Paula Ogle Blair.

What is Tennessee's law on children staying home alone?

In Tennessee, there's no legal age for staying home alone, but there is a suggestion. In some states, it's 8, others 14, but according to Tennessee's Court children under age 10 shouldn't be left at home without supervision. We turned to a child development specialist and a mother of three for advice.

Do unmarried parents have the right to custody in Tennessee?

Tennessee child custody laws overwhelmingly support the mother in cases where the parents of a child are not married. The unmarried mother's name on the child's birth certificate is sufficient proof of her custodial rights. Her right to custody is automatic under state law. By contrast, even if the unmarried father's name is on the birth certificate, without further action, it does not automatically establish his custodial rights.

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