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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the phrase checks and balances mean?

legal Definition of checks and balances. : the powers (as judicial review, the presidential veto, and the congressional override) conferred on each of the three branches of government by which each restrains the others from exerting too much power — see also separation of powers.

What is the problem with checks and balances?

The biggest drawback of checks and balances is that it slows the governing process. Division of power usually entails cooperation and compromise between competing factions and this can, depending on the level of political polarization, significantly slow the legislative process.

What is another way to say checks and balances?

"Checks and balances" is another way of saying "limit power", or to put it positively, assure that there is "diffuse power". As the quote says: Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power is absolutely corrupt.

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