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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a VPN in azure?

Azure Setup. To begin setting up a VPN tunnel, we first need to deploy a virtual network gateway in our Azure VNet. To do this, go to the Azure portal and browse for the “Virtual Network Gateways” tab. Click Add to deploy a new one. Give the gateway a name, and select the VNet that it will belong in.

What is VPN Azure?

VPN Azure is a free-of-charge cloud VPN service provided by SoftEther Project at University of Tsukuba, Japan. It is currently operated at University of Tsukuba as an academic-purpose experiment. VPN Azure cloud is intended to continue a free-of-charge use for now and in future continuously.

What is Azure virtual network gateway?

Azure Virtual Network Gateway serves as the cross premises gateway connecting your workloads in Azure Virtual Network to your on premises sites. It is required to connect to on premises sites through IPsec S2S VPN tunnels, or through ExpressRoute circuits.

What is a local network gateway?

The default gateway often connects the local network to the internet, although internal gateways for communication within a local network also serve a useful purpose in corporate networks. The word default in this term just means that it's the default device that's looked for when information needs to be sent through the network.

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