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Frequently Asked Questions

What is checkcheckpoint edge?

Checkpoint Edge quickly delivers the most relevant and accurate information tax professionals need to respond to the challenges of their clients and other stakeholders within the constantly-changing tax regulatory landscape.

What is included in the checkpoint tax database?

Checkpoint Edge draws on the robust Checkpoint tax databases, which include over 25,000 tax law, insights and analysis updates each month from the award-winning Checkpoint editorial team.

What is edge-based security?

Edge-based security solutions like IoT security move security functionality to the network edge and even secure the IoT device, enabling potential threats to be detected there rather than limiting security functionality to the traditional network perimeter. Edge computing can provide a number of benefits to an organization.

How does Speedlink work with checkpoint?

Read More Speedlink provides access to key features of Checkpoint in one easy-to-use tool, making searching for information faster by bypassing the need to log in each time you want to perform a search or move to a related area. Speedlink resides in your desktop system tray for convenient access.

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