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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a checkfreepay payment with Ally auto?

You'll need to have your Ally Auto account number, your debit card number, and your ZIP code on hand. Keep in mind, CheckFreePay charges a $3.45 fee for its payment services, which is in addition to your payment amount. You can visit a MoneyGram location near you to make a one-time payment.

What is checkfreepay?

This new payment option is made possible through a strategic relationship between NIC Inc., a national leader in digital government solutions and CheckFreePay, a wholly owned subsidiary of global payments and financial technology provider Fiserv.

What information do I need to make a payment to ally?

Be sure to have your bank account number and routing number on hand when making a payment. Make sure you have your payment amount and Ally Auto account number on hand to set up a bill payment through your bank. Your bank may also require additional information, including the payment address.

Can you pay Ally auto with a debit card?

The third-party provider accepting debit card payments for Ally Auto is CheckFreepay. This provider adds a fee, onto the payment amount. You need to supply your Ally account number, your billing account ZIP code, your state and your email address to make a debit card payment, reports CheckFreepay.

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