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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a dessert menu at Checkers?

The Dessert menu comes with different kinds of options and starts at $1. Checkers added double value menu to its permanent menu which contains Single Deals and Double Deals. Single Deal includes ten items starting at the price of $1 which you can call it as Checkers dollar menu.

What is on the Checkers Burger menu?

Latest Checkers Burger menu includes the following items. You can have the best meals at Checkers as it offers variety of combos in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Checkers Boneless Wings, Sandwiches, Chicken Bites and many more are available in this menu. Baconzilla!

How much does a checkers burger cost?

The burger price starts at $3.99. The Checkers and Rally’s fries would generally range from $2 to $3. On certain occasions, you can taste Checkers Specials like their special fries at $1. The Classic Checkers Wings would cost around $5. Their smoothies and drinks would cost about $2.

How to get a free large fry from Checkers?

Sign up for the newsletter to get a coupon for a free large fry with any purchase. Check your spam folder just in case. After 1 year, you get another freebie. Note: Checkers sends out single use coupons promotions. At Participating Locations. Not valid with any other offer. At Participating Locations. Not valid with any other offer.

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