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Frequently Asked Questions

Does American Airlines have online check in?

Yes, you may check-in for your American Airlines (AA) flight online starting 24 hours and ending 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time (depending on your departure city and destination) to receive a mobile boarding pass on your mobile device or a printable boarding pass. You may use this option if:

Should I check in online or at the airport?

overall check in online or on airlines websites has a plethora advantages, from choosing seat assignments to saving time at the airport. But for other passengers checking at the airport seems more convenient . Bellow will explain what’s the difference between check in online or at the airport.

How to check-in online by airline?

Web check-in steps Look for the Check-in option on the main menu of our homepage. Enter your reservation code and last name and click on Check-in. Select your flight. Select the names of the passengers to be checked in. Make sure that you comply with the restricted and prohibited baggage rules. Check seat availability and select yours. Add the optional services you need. More items...

When can you check in for flight?

Check in beginning 24 hours and up to 45 minutes before your flight (90 minutes for international).

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