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Frequently Asked Questions

Is contact Lense King a legit website?

Verify that you received the correct prescription and check the expiration date on the box. If you need to return an item, reach out to Contact Lens King by emailing [email protected] or by calling 800-352-0255. Contact Lens King is legit.

Where can I get a cheap contact lens exam?

You can even book eye exams via video conferences for remote teleoptometry sessions. Use Zocdoc to find cheap eye exams in your area. This is an online eye exam and cheap contact lens exam offered to people who already have a prescription for contact lenses (not for first time customers). The exam is free and taken in the comfort of your own home.

Is buying contact lenses online safe?

The expert says: “Sometimes the prescription entered online does not match the prescribed lens,” says Berkowitz about the biggest people make when buying contact lenses online. “The patient can receive the wrong contact lens and the lens may not fit the eye correctly.

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