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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are toric contact lenses more expensive?

“Why are Toric contact lenses more expensive?” There are several reasons for the justifiable increased expense. Toric lenses have to be designed with a fitting feature that is not required in spherical lenses. When you blink, a round contact lens will rotate somewhat on the eye.

Are there any toric color contacts?

Yes. It is possible for you to get colored toric contact lenses to enhance or change the color of your eyes. However, these specialized types of astigmatism colored contact lenses often cost more than traditional vision-correcting contacts because they serve both vision-correcting and cosmetic purposes.

Are toric contact lenses expensive?

Toric contact lenses are not expensive per se. However, they are more expensive than regular contact lenses. A major reason why toric contact lenses are more expensive is that they have a complex design, which makes them more difficult and costly to manufacture. Are there side effects to wearing toric contact lenses?

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