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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2020 UEFA Champions League?

The 2020–21 UEFA Champions League was the 66th season of Europe's premier club football tournament organised by UEFA, and the 29th season since it was renamed from the European Champion Clubs' Cup to the UEFA Champions League. Chelsea defeated Manchester City 1–0 in the final, which was played at the Estádio do Dragão in Porto, Portugal.

How is the Champions League bracket formed?

The Champions League bracket is formed by a combination of standings and draws. The Round of 16 bracket was formed by a random draw of the top two teams in each group. And even though the Round of 16 is not yet finished, we already know the quarterfinal and semifinal draw results, as those were determined July 10.

How are UEFA Champions League places allocated?

For the 2020–21 UEFA Champions League, the associations are allocated places according to their 2019 UEFA country coefficients, which takes into account their performance in European competitions from 2014–15 to 2018–19.

Who votes for UEFA Champions League players?

Votes were cast for players of the season by coaches of the 32 teams in the group stage, together with 55 journalists selected by the European Sports Media (ESM) group, representing each of UEFA's member associations. The coaches were not allowed to vote for players from their own teams.

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