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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RQ stand for in nutrition?

The RQ is the ratio of the patient's carbon dioxide production (VCO 2) to his or her oxygen consumption (VO 2). These values are obtained by indirect calorimetry at the patient's bedside. The RQ is helpful in guiding the planning of nutritional therapy.

What is RQ's mission statement?

INNOVATION. We are committed to excellence and a never-ending improvement of all that we do. We are committed to both doing things right while doing the right things. RQ employees are always looking for a better way. DISCIPLINE.

Why work at RQ?

Our goal is that RQ employees find meaningful purpose in their work. SAFETY. We value people over all other things. We are committed to a safe work environment. ETHICS. We strive to maintain integrity and to be honest and forthright in all of our business practices. We are committed to our word and we stand on the Bible as our moral authority.

What is RQ real quick?

rq real quick Instant messenger term used to abbreviate real quick. Slang for "real quick" An abbreviation of 'Rage Quit', which is the act when a player quits/exits a game in frustration, usually when he/she has been killed.

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