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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CFPB looking for?

The CFPB also watches banks and credit unions but covers other financial products and companies that fall outside the scope of those regulators as well. Credit cards, payday loans, online loans, mortgages and other financial products offer opportunities for fraud and unfair practices.

What is the meaning of CFPB?

BREAKING DOWN 'Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - CFPB'. The CFPB works to educate and inform consumers against abusive financial practices, to supervise banks and other financial institutions, and to study data to better understand consumers and the financial markets they participate in.

What is CFPB compliance?

CFPB, Compliance Management System. A Compliance Program is one of the required elements of the CFPB’s Compliance Management System (CMS). Per the CFPB, a CMS is made up of four interconnected elements that must flow through a system where improvements are verifiable.

What is a CFPB complaint?

The definition of a CFPB complaint is clear and straightforward. A CFPB credit card complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or discontent with the credit card experience, a negative customer experience. While a complaint likely impacts customer loyalty (e.g., likely to recommend, buy again), a complaint is distinct from customer loyalty.

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