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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a certificate of liability insurance?

When a potential contractor requests a certificate of liability insurance from you, contact your insurance company and ask that a copy of your certificate be sent to the person who requested it. This provides an extra level of reassurance against fraud, because the certificate comes from your insurance company, not from you.

Why do you need a certificate of liability?

A certificate of insurance provides proof to a third party that a vendor or other business has adequate insurance coverage. Many organizations need to limit their liability when hiring outside vendors or contractors, and a certificate of insurance helps them place liability for injuries or damages back onto the vendor.

What is the purpose of a certificate of insurance?

Main Purpose. Certificates of insurance are designed to prove your insurance status and amount of coverage while limiting the liability of the other company you're working with. These certificates are most common when two businesses or organizations are working together, specifically if one business is using the equipment or space of another.

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