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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ceremony 5E a good spell?

Is Ceremony 5e a Good Spell? Ceremony is a fun little flavor spell that adds numerical benefits to different rites of passage. While it doesn’t normally see much play, it can offer a way to give player (s) in your group a long-term, no concentration buff — the perfect thing for the most difficult part of your adventure.

Who can cast ceremony in 5e?

Who Can Cast Ceremony in 5e? No subclasses get Ceremony for free, but Divine Soul Sorcerers have access to it via their expanded class spell list. What Does Ceremony Do in 5e? Ceremony requires the caster to touch a target and for the target (s) to remain within 10 feet of the caster throughout the casting.

Is ceremony a good spell?

Other than these cheesy tricks, Ceremony is a neat little spell that makes adds a potent numerical advantage as a reward for achieving some great rite of passage. Used appropriately, it’s the perfect spell to make a session feel extra special.

How long do you need to use ceremony?

And since it’s a Paladin/Cleric spell, you don’t need to commit to using Ceremony forever — just long enough to cast it and get its long-duration effect going before you take a long rest to swap for something else. DMs have one big decision to make with Ceremony; what does the word “widowed” mean.

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