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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Centurion systems?

Centurion Systems offer a diverse and award-winning range of gate motors and other gate automation and access control products. Call today: +27 011 699 2400 Call us today! +27 (0)11 699 2400[email protected]

What is a solution-based Centurion tray?

Contact your Medline sales representative to learn more. Solution-based Centurion trays for minor procedures are fully customizable and created to your specifications. Because each and every tray is built with order in mind, they provide immediate access to everything the caregiver needs, and, in their preferred sequence. Efficiency is achieved.

What are single-use Centurion instruments?

Single-use Centurion instruments are designed to be recycled and reprocessed through the Centurion instrument recycling program. This user-friendly program not only provides an eco-friendly disposal alternative, it helps decrease red bag waste costs. Participating is easy.

What is a centurion dressing?

Quality-driven, solution-based and always manufactured to the most rigorous standards, Centurion dressings, trays and single-use instruments are tools clinicians turn to time and again to improve outcomes and provide a higher standard of patient care. Contact your Medline sales representative to learn more.

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