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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Central Michigan play in the Sun Bowl?

Central Michigan switches to Sun Bowl, will now play Washington State The Central Michigan football team arrived in Tucson, Arizona, on Sunday. Central Michigan to play Washington State in Sun Bowl as Arizona Bowl is canceled Washington State needed an opponent for the Sun Bowl after Miami had to withdraw.

Who is Central Michigan?

Central Michigan, a Mid-American Conference team that went 8-4 this year, replaces Miami, which went into a COVID shutdown last week and pulled out of the Sun Bowl Sunday night, shortly after Washington State’s airport arrival.

Could Central Michigan replace Miami in the Miami bowl?

Central Michigan became a leading candidate to replace Miami by early Monday when Boise State’s status became iffy as COVID tests started to come back. By early afternoon the Broncos announced they couldn’t play in the Arizona Bowl, freeing up Central Michigan.

What does Central Michigan's relocation mean for the Sun Bowl?

The Sun Bowl, working with the Pac-12, was able to secure Central Michigan, which will now relocate its operation 315 miles east to El Paso. This represents a major victory for the Sun Bowl, which had its 2020 game cancelled when El Paso was a national COVID hot spot.

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