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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the long term effects of colitis?

The long-term effects of UC are varied. Some have very little disease long term, and others have long-term diarrhea, bleeding, or pain. If the inflammation is not controlled over a long period, there can be an increased risk of colon cancer, in addition. Long-term follow-up with your doctor is important.

What triggers a colitis attack?

When the body’s immune system is oversensitive and attacks its own healthy organs and tissues, disease can occur. Other factors that may contribute to the development of ulcerative colitis include genetics, environmental factors, smoking, and psychological stress.

How to treat colitis using home remedies?

Turmeric, the Indian spice used in curry, may help people with UC. Specifically, the curcumin found in turmeric is an antioxidant and appears to decrease inflammation while improving the effectiveness of traditional medical therapy. Gingko has been effective in treating experimental colitis in rodents.

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