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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a caucus and how does it work?

A caucus is simply a meeting where party members gather by district, precinct or county to discuss and ultimately decide their preferred presidential nominee. But technically speaking, the participants do not nominate the candidate. Instead, they elect delegates who will act as their representative in the next round of party conventions.

What is the main function of a caucus?

Caucuses are party meetings by precinct, district, or county, where registered party members gather to discuss the candidates and to select delegates to the next round of party conventions.

What does caucus stand for?

The Democratic caucus in Iowa is the most popular caucus. It has been said that the word “caucus” comes from an Algonquin Indian word “cau´-cau-as´u” which in rough translation means to advise, encourage, or counsel. And it is true - the caucus does set the direction in the process of coming up with presidential candidates.

What does caucus mean in politics?

Overall, a caucus means a meeting of people who discuss a particular political issue. They can argue about choosing a candidate for a political election. There are generally three kinds of caucuses in the United States: party caucuses, interest caucuses, and presidential nominating caucuses.

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