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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the world record of cats in Cradle?

In China it is called kang sok (English: well rope), or catch cradle. World record. Geneva Hultenius, Maryann DiVona, and Rita Divona completed 21,200 cat's cradles in 21 hours in Chula Vista, California between August 17-18, 1974. The Guinness Book of World Records reported it as a world record in the 1975 and 1976 editions.

What is the meaning of cats in the cradle?

What does cats in the cradle mean? The phrase "cat's in the cradle" is a classic idiom: Taken together, its words mean something entirely different than they would on their own-literally, a cat inside a baby's cradle.

What does the expression cats in the cradle mean?

The phrase cat’s in the cradle is a line from a popular song that people sometimes quote to reference the song itself, or the theme of fatherhood, or the theme of not having enough time to spend on a relationship.

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