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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Put my Cats up for adoption?

Many veterinary offices have a small area dedicated to cats available for adoption. Ask your vet if he would be willing to take care of your cat and put her up for adoption in the office. Contact other veterinarians in your area who may offer cats for adoption and ask if they can take your cat and help to rehome her.

How do you give a cat up for adoption?

Let people know that you are giving the dog up for adoption through social networking sites, posters and emails. Call your friends and family to see if they may be interested in adopting your dog. Talk to possible adopters before you give your dog up. Find out if they have adequate resources like time, money and housing to take care of your dog.

Where to put your cat up for adoption?

Petsmart, around the U.S., have cat adoptions inside the store as well as adoption events. Petco usually uses the events, staged by a local Rescue group, which sometimes will allow a private pet owner to bring their dog or cat in a cage or on leash for adoption.

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