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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the withcats Blender plugin?

Cats Blender Plugin (0.12.2) A tool designed to shorten steps needed to import and optimize models into VRChat. Compatible models are: MMD, XNALara, Mixamo, Source Engine, Unreal Engine, DAZ/Poser, Blender Rigify, Sims 2, Motion Builder, 3DS Max and potentially more With Cats it takes only a few minutes to upload your model into VRChat.

Can you use cats Blender on VRChat?

Along with the 2.90 and 2.91 versions, it has enabled the users to work with the Blender which means a Vrchat gamer can use this amazing plugin. If you, as a gamer, took more than a couple of hours to upload your model into the VRchat game, the latest cats blender plugin will let you to accomplish that within a couple of minutes.

Where is the cats tool in Blender?

In Blender 2.80+ go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons. Also you don't need to save the user settings there. Since Blender 2.80 the CATS tab is on the right in the menu that opens when pressing 'N' If you need help figuring out how to use the tool:

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