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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Outbreak Perfected catalyst work?

The Outbreak Perfected Catalyst increases the weapon’s firepower with the Disease Vector perk, boosting the damage from nanites. Additionally, enemies that die with nanites attached to them will also spread them, increasing the weapon’s potential and synergizing with its perks.

What happened to Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected catalyst?

Discuss all things Destiny 2. Outbreak Perfected Catalyst? With the inclusion of the Outbreak Perfected in the Monument to Lost Lights it has now been returned to the player base after having its acquisition method (the Zero Hour mission) vaulted along with the Farm and other Red War content.

What happened to Outbreak Perfected?

[toc] Outbreak Perfected was in a bad spot. It had a stellar Exotic quest and top-tier Catalyst, but they were removed from the game, with the latter becoming unavailable for over a year. But with the release of The Witch Queen, the catalyst for Outbreak Perfected (among others) is finally available again.

What is the Outbreak Perfected exotic pulse rifle?

The Outbreak Perfected Exotic pulse rifle is among these Exotic weapons and was actually considered by many players their go-to primary weapon in the raid contest mode. The Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle may have had a bit of a memey status in season 15, but it's officially making a comeback now that players can get their hands on its catalyst.

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