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Frequently Asked Questions

What are casters used for?

Casters are found in numerous applications, including shopping carts, office chairs, and material handling equipment. High capacity, heavy duty casters are used in many industrial applications, such as platform trucks, carts, assemblies, and tow lines in plants.

Can the players hear the casters?

Players can hear the casters at ESL. Well, that will either be hard for casters, or the game is ruined. Actually, either way the game is ruined, since players won't be able to hear as much from the game. exactly, this is not soccer or whatever sports, the crowd sound should not interfere with players' games.

What are kingpinless casters?

Kingpinless. Kingpinless casters from Access Casters are designed for unsurpassed durability and use in abusive and demanding shock load applications that may cause traditional kingpin casters to fail. Popular uses include: various carts, platform trucks, dollies and racks used in both tow line-motor assisted and manual applications in manufacturing,...

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