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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a case 2290?

If you like Case tractors, you will like a 2290. It is just that simple. They have a good cab and all the hydraulics you normally need. If you like that power shift system that means a lot as often it is a big issue with other brand lovers.

How old is a 2390 Case tractor?

Well a 2390 case doesn't seem like an antique tractor but it is almost 30 years old! My brother is having trouble with the Hydraulics and steering on his 2390 Case tractor. It started with no main hydraulic.

What's wrong with my 2594?

Kelly, We have a 2594 that has given a lot of lost hydraulics issues lately. The system is very similar, what the problem here was that the main suction pipe screen in the bottom of the rear housing was clogged up with debris from the wet brakes and the PTO clutch pack.

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