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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is @carykh?

Carykh is a YouTube channel created by Cary Kaiming Huang. It currently has ~529,000 subscribers and over ~127 million views. It was created on July 15, 2011, and the first video, Elephant Valley Zoom, was made on July 23, 2011.

What is the carykh channel?

The creation of the channel was announced on Cary's main channel, carykh, where Cary said that this channel is about his stories or what he thinks about an event.

What does kcaryk stand for?

carykh (the "kh" standing for K aiming H uang) is one of Cary Huang 's personal channels. This channel is well known for 3 shows: The Amazing Marble Race, Algicosathlon (finished), and Ten Words of Wisdom. The channel was verified on YouTube on April 20, 2018.

What kind of videos does carykh make?

Carykh has also made many videos related to math and science, such as the Evolution Simulator, his "attempt at visualizing special relativity", and Carykh's most viewed video is the Scale of Things in Minecraft with 3,235,255 views (as of August 2018).

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