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Frequently Asked Questions

Are car hijackings on the rise in South Africa?

Johannesburg-The scourge of car hijackings in South Africa continues to rise at a worrying rate, with the official SAPS crime stats for the last quarter of 2021 showing a 13.8% increase year-on-year.

Where are South Africa's hijacking hotspots?

Gauteng recorded the highest figures, followed by KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. A closer look at Police Minister Bheki Cele’s crime statistics – released on 20 August 2021 – gave insight into South Africa’s hijacking hotspots.

How many hijackings are there in the Western Cape?

The Phillipi East station in the Western Cape reported 78 hijackings during April and June, 30 more than the previous cycle. Sandton in Gauteng was second on the list, with a record of 68 hijackings during April and June (37 more than the previous year) while Nyanga in the Western Cape recorded 67 (down from 133).

Which Precinct has the most hijackings in Gauteng?

Most of these incidents occur in Gauteng (7,776), followed by KZN (2,764) and the Western Cape (2,294). Despite the high rate of hijacking across Gauteng, the report shows that Nyanga in the Western Cape had the most reported incidents (273) compared to any other precinct.

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