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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nursing pin and capping ceremony?

The Nursing Pinning and Capping Ceremonies signify the end of a rigorous and physically demanding program of study. Students, family, friends, faculty, and staff enjoyed the solemn, joyful, and at times humorous ceremonies as instructors and graduates shared their thoughts and memories of the 18-month journey that was being completed.

What is a nursing pin?

Pin The nursing pin in modern times is a representation of the school the nurse graduated from. While original pins included the Maltese cross, designs today vary widely among institutions. The nursing pin is presented to the new graduate nurse at the pinning ceremony by faculty members as a symbolic welcome to the profession.

What is Cerro Coso's vocational nursing cap and pin ceremony?

As the fall semester wound down, Cerro Coso held a Vocational Nursing Capping and Pinning Ceremony on Friday, December 3, symbolically welcoming 7 student vocational nurses into a profession of service to others (pending passage of state boards.) The path to becoming a nurse is long, steep, and sometimes rocky.

What does a lamp mean in a pinning ceremony?

Lamp When the modern-day pinning ceremony first began in the 1860’s, the lamp was a symbol of the care and devotion the nurse administers to the injured and sick during his/her practice as a nurse. After the nurses were pinned, Florence Nightingale would light a lamp and pass the flame to the graduating nurses.

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