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Frequently Asked Questions

What Canadian province has the lowest population density?

However, despite having such a large population, it is not equally distributed across the available land area. If we talk about the areas having the largest surface area, Canada has the lowest population density, and there are many regions such as Southern Ontario where the population density is very low.

Where does most of the population of Canada live?

Almost 40 percent of Canada's population lives in one territory: Ontario. Another one-fourth or so lives in Quebec, followed by British Columbia and Alberta, each of which have about 10 percent of the population. Although Nunavut is the largest territory in Canada, only about 30,000 people live there.

What country has the largest population density?

The country with the highest population density in the world is Monaco, with 16,620 persons per square kilometre. The country with the lowest is Greenland, which has only 0.03 persons per square kilometre.

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